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About Us

Storm Trader Solutions supplies a stable, reliable and solution-based ERP and accounting system to the mid-tier market
An accounting system is a valuable tool of any company when used to its maximum potential combined with professional training, support and service.

The first step is to chat over a cuppa coffee or tea to discuss your company pain points...

Meet Our Team

With a combination of 20 Years Business Experience, we are here to provide products, services, training and support to see your business prosper. We Bring A Variety Of Polished Skills which we acquired over many years.

Let us Work the Extra Hours A Week, allowing you to focus entirely on the growth of your business.
+64 22 015 0077
+64 22 529 2077

What we are best at.....

Storm Trader Solutions Limited connects clients to technology by bridging the gap between IT, accounting and business processes.

We increase efficiency in a business or individual by using existing or new software, business apps and tools.

We are an authentic, goal orientated and determined team who works hard to ensure our customers success....

Have You Outgrown Your Accounting Software?

When your company was small, a basic accounting system met your needs. But once you start thinking about managing and tracking stock, or even consolidating multiple business entities in your financial reporting, it’s obvious that your current Accounting Software is no longer enough.
If you have reps who need to log time and do quotes and invoices on their smart devices, we have the software for your company.

Vision Statement

To be known as the company that will increase productivity by connecting clients to technology using business application software and tools.

Mission Statement

Storm Trader Solutions' mission is to merge business principles with accounting rules.

We will give the correct advice, product, training and service to the customer at the right price, with a high level of service. 

Storm Trader Solutions Ltd aims for complete customer satisfaction.

So What’s Next?

WE’RE READY! Let’s Chat.
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