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We specialise in ERP and accounting software solutions for wholesale distribution, engineering, manufacturing, and professional service businesses.

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With over 20 years in business management software, we are trusted software consultants for many small and medium-sized businesses. Our consultants deliver the improvements in the key areas of financial management, cost tracking, inventory, and supply chain management.
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Consolidate information from multiple data entry points and standardise your sales and purchase pipeline

Cost reduction

Minimise losses due to data entry errors and manual work.

Better decision-making

Enables 24/7 insights and real-time reports on overall business performance.


Each department can  see what other is doing and can easily collaborate remotely.



During a free consultation, we assess key business efficiency problems and identify your ERP system needs, recommended road map to enable your company’s transition to a fully integrated resource planning system. In collaboration with your team, we define a scope of work,

and assist with a change management plan

ERP system implementation

As your implementation partner we guide you through all stages of the ERP implementation project. It starts with formulating a project, allocating roles and defining infrastructure requirements for a new system. We will install the software, customize to your requirements, move your financial data over to the new system, configure your users and processes, and finally test the new system’s functionality.

Technical support

A team of full-time developers and technical support staff are ready to assist with troubleshooting or system usability. Whether integrating or customising, our team keeps your ERP software up to date and user-friendly. We provide support via telephone, over the internet, or on-site if required.

Database and Data Security

Our ERP software package is built on a database called Cache has been in operation for over 35 years and has branches worldwide. The server is located within the New Zealand borders in a secure data centre. Your company data is contained in its own database and is not mixed with any other company information. This means we can give you the full database from the server on your request.

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