Different industries require specific ERP software capabilities

Huge Software ERP industry verticals are designed to meet growing wholesale distribution, manufacturing, engineering, and professional service business needs.

Manufacturing and Engineering

The manufacturing industry is facing increasing pressure to keep production costs low and efficiency high. To stay competitive and relevant to the fast-changing market place, manufacturers have to replace repetitive manual work with the automated processes and team collaboration tools.

Huge software ERP offers core functionality to deliver precise and timely product execution. The integrated data availability offers greater control over finances, inventory, job costing, lot traceability, compliance checks, quality control, and scheduling capabilities. Book a free consultation with our ERP consultant.

Wholesale distribution

Huge Software ERP is a well-though-out solution for a fast-paced wholesale distribution business. A CRM offers customer database accessibility from a phone or tablet. It allows a prompt response to customer enquiries, quote processing and real-time information on inventory levels. With a customisable workflow in place, the management team can effectively process sales orders, keep diverse product inventories at the optimal level, and receive operational reports instantly. Suitable for multisite FMCG, building material and industrial warehouse management. Book a free consultation with our ERP consultant.

Professional Services

Traditionally professional service companies use several software applications to manage core aspects of the business such as a CRM, accounting, project management and document management. In order to grow customer engagement and satisfaction, the professional services should take more focused approach and ensure that front office customer relations are connected to the back-office accounting and document management.

Huge Software ERP allows businesses to quickly respond to customer calls and new business opportunities. The system integrates accounting, CRM, job costing, and project planning capabilities in the one system. It provides greater visibility into overall business performance and delivers business insights for prompt decision-making.

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