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About huge software erp

Huge ERP’s core functionality offers a modern enterprise management tool to create more accurate and efficient operations. Hosted in the cloud or on premises, this system is designed to reduce costs via automation and collaboration. Real-time data insights allow better decision-making and gives immediate detection of errors and prevents operational inconsistencies.

Who is it for?

Huge ERP is a preferred software choice for wholesale distribution, engineering, manufacturing, and professional service companies.

How does it work?

HUGE ERP delivers core modules such as General Ledger, Customers/Receivables, Suppliers/Payables, Inventory Job Costing, and a CRM System. 

It also includes sub-modules like Bill of Materials, Multi-warehousing, Multicurrency, Serial Number tracking, Annuity Billing, Time Logging, Support Log ticketing and Customer Relationship Management with support centre and more.

Huge software ERP benefits:

Huge Software ERP is easy to use. The system is structured to create a natural flow within the ERP accounting package. It is built on a high-end database which is both reliable and fast. 

It means: 

All your data is available in one place Complete insights in the key business areas Collaborates and streamlines different areas of the business Provides advanced reporting capability Easily scales from a single user to an unlimited number of users. 


So What’s Next?

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